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Auction Equipment Price Research Application Designs

I was the UX designer in the web program team responsible for the Ritchie Bros. product portfolio's user experience.

Ritchie Bros. is a global asset management and disposition company, offering customers end-to-end solutions for buying and selling used heavy equipment, trucks and other assets.


Rithie Bros. customers needed to better understand used equipment trends, and how to use them to optimize fleet management decisions.


Ritchie Bros.'s business intelligence team has many years of historical equipment and auction data. They used this information for equipment market analysis. We decided to explore using this data to address the problem.

I began with a competitive analysis, which showed that some companies offered similar services and tools. They were still limited by their data set, inexperienced staff, and a high cost to purchase their services or tools. Most tools were outdated with interaction design issues. For example, searching for equipment didn't include equipment attributes to narrow the search.

Interviewing customers showed that they relied on experience, OEM publications, professional networks, auction results published on rbauction.com and Ritchie Bros. staff for equipment price research. Using these insights, I planned a design sprint where a small group worked to develop concepts for possible solutions.


We decided to build a mobile app. It used an API we built using our data to provide real-time predictive equipment prices. I created detailed designs for the development group. I used Apple's interface guidelines for the iOS application and Google's Material design guidelines for the Android application. We built a prototype, but the company decided not to ship the mobile application.

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