A multi-disciplinary designer based in Vancouver, BC, looking for my next opportunity.

I'm Ally Noormohamed, an experienced designer with over 15 years of experience designing for multiple technologies and platforms, including Enterprise SaaS, responsive web, desktop and mobile applications. I'm equally confident in my knowledge and skills, yet always eager to keep learning and growing.

My design journey began in 2005 when I built my first website, and it's been a passion of mine ever since. I've honed my abilities in all facets of design, from high-level design, UX architecture, research, and interaction design to visual design, through working on numerous projects with exceptional teams and leaders.

I strive to help businesses solve complex problems and deliver meaningful outcomes that make a difference in people's lives. I achieve this by creating thoughtful, intuitive experiences that serve business and user needs. With a keen eye for detail and deep understanding of what makes a great design, I pride myself on being able to see the big picture and how all the smaller pieces fit together.

Previous colleagues have described me as enthusiastic, dedicated and eager, persistently seeking solutions to even the most challenging design problems. I achieve this by by working together with my teams towards a common goal, producing meaningful outcomes. I also support my teams by providing guidance and coaching on design best practices, and I'm always open to learning from others as well.

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