About Ally \

Equal parts humility and confidence. Helping people through design by combining analytical thinking and empathy.

I thrive in a culture that incorporates design as a vertical in business and product strategy, promotes success through innovation, supports passion and growth for the craft, and a balanced lifestyle.

For over ten years, I have dedicated my time to becoming an experienced designer, driven to learn everything about interaction design from how people think to work with computers. Prior to becoming a designer, I worked as a technologist building products for geotechnical research.

I studied telecommunications technology at BCIT. When I graduated, the Web was in its infancy. I wouldn't discover design until a few years later. I went back to school to study design. Over the years, I learned from every project from graphic design, site design and software design. Currently, I am a Senior Designer at Traction Guest.

During my off-hours, I continue to explore and develop plenty of interests, from drawing to reading and fitness.