Hi, I'm Ally. I'm a multidisciplinary designer solving complex problems for startups to global companies.

A Lifelong Learner

I am a lifelong learner and enthusiastic user experience and product designer with more than 10 years of experience designing SaaS, responsive web and mobile applications for startups to global companies.

Today I see my role as a creator and contributor. I solve complexity by looking at all the parts and their relationships rather than a single part individually. I strive to balance humility and confidence, learning and applying what I've learned with passion and intent. I believe in collaboration because individuals can achieve remarkable outcomes by working together.

My specialties include user research, semantic interaction design, visual design, product design strategy, information architecture (IA) and design systems.

Work Culture

I thrive in companies that are customer-focused and value their employees. They hire visionary, curious, empathetic leaders who enable people to succeed. They build teams with experience, excitement and energy for the work done every day but pair that passion with a strong work/life balance.

Working with me means helping each other overcome challenges, having honest dialogues and having fun working together (where you laugh so hard, you cry).

Current Work

I currently work for a startup where I design a workplace management product that allows customers to transition from using paper logbooks to managing a visitor's lifecycle digitally.

My work involves conducting primary and secondary research to understand a problem, communicating a design vision using personas, user journey maps, task analysis, user flows, storyboards, prototypes and mockups, and measuring outcomes against business requirements.

I contribute to process improvements to help teams work better together and guide product leadership in how to de-risk investment in design.

Previous Accomplishments

Previously, I worked at Absolute, where I designed multiple complex features, redesigned the application over 15,000 customers used to manage device security threats, and designed for over hundred thousand TELUS home services subscribers, including 3,000 TELUS call center agents.

At Ritchie Bros., I designed the global online equipment marketplace and bidding applications, including the Timed Auction application, which handled 2,000 online bidders for a typical auction contributing to $1.9 billion in online sales in 2015.

Also, I have led and mentored design teams with up to seven designers.

My work has contributed to how these companies think about product design.


I explore and develop many interests during my off-hours, from drawing and learning investment strategies to reading and fitness.

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