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I was one of three UX designers on the UX team including the UX director.

Absolute provides persistent endpoint security and data risk management SaaS solutions for computers, tablets, and smartphones.


Before I was hired on the UX team, the company had begun to redevelop their security management console. A modern UI framework was being used, but the new, incomplete product was inserted as another list of choices in the main navigation. It was confusing for the users leading them to continue using the older, more complete application resulting in poor adoption of the new product.

Legacy Absolute Device Security Application Screen

The experience of both applications were designed by the development group. The applications UI suffered from having a database model instead of an interaction model based on the needs of users. A common interaction design issue across the product was the use of action-selection instead selection-action. A user had to select the action, then the object to perform the action then the action again which is opposite to most modern applications.


Based on the initial envisonment work (by the UX director before I joined) for a future framework for the product, I conducted an online card sort to discover how users understood and would categorize information in the applications.

The results showed that users preferred a task-based flow. I used the results to build a detailed interactive prototype which incorporated work from the envisonment. I worked with the other UX designer and the UX director to conduct several rounds of user testing, iterating on the prototype after each round.


We created detailed designs for the new application interface based on the card sorting and user testing results. I documented a design system to support the development group to build and ship the new product in 2017.

Absolute design system

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