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I was a design lead on the TELUS Digital Platform Services team assigned to help the TELUS helpdesk product team with the redesign. I assembled a temporary team of two user researchers, a content strategist and another senior designer to assist with the work.

TELUS helpdesk agents support customers with TV, internet, home security and mobile phone services.


Before I was assigned to help the helpdesk product team, they had built two new versions of a helpdesk application. Still, they were incomplete and confusing for agents to use, leading them to continue using a legacy application to support customers.

Project managers and the development group designed the application interfaces because they didn't have designers on the team. They tried working with a design agency, but the outcome was another variation of an interface that wasn't based on user research.

A typical interaction design issue with the new and legacy application interfaces was exposing all available commands and information instead of prioritizing task frequency like most modern helpdesk applications. Information density led to greater cognitive load for agents resulting in longer training times.

The applications didn't consider that agents were forced to use multiple applications simultaneously due to legacy back-end architecture that couldn't be unified—this affected customer call statistics, which were used in their performance evaluations.

TELUS Helpdesk Application Screen


To understand the problem space, my team and I interviewed key stakeholders and several agents. Agent interviews consisted of one-on-one qualitative interviews to identify their needs, goals, tasks and pain points. Research showed that agents aspired to provide the best service to TELUS customers but struggled to work with over 35 individual applications to do their job.

TELUS Agent Journey Map Workshop TELUS Agent Persona TELUS Agent Journey Map

Agents used an internal knowledgebase to keep up-to-date on TELUS news, products and services, but the information was disorganized, out-of-date or late to be updated. They relied on one another to overcome their challenges.

Using the research insights, I worked with my team and the helpdesk product team to create and test new interface designs.


My team and I created and delivered a playbook with user personas of key agent segments, a content strategy for meaningful and sustainable content, and designs for frequent agent tasks. We included best practises for a user-centred design process and hiring guidelines for the missing roles in the helpdesk product team.

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