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Over 600 customers use Sign In Enterprise (formerly Traction Guest) to manage a visitor's lifecycle.

My Role

I was the senior product designer for this feature. I collaborated with the product manager, engineering lead and the engineering team to plan, define, design, test and ship the feature.


Customers need to know what is happening with their visitors and understand their visitor data better. Using information such as the number of visitors, when they visit, and what offices they are visiting enables companies to plan staffing and resources accordingly. Additionally, they need to be able to access this information quickly and easily for security and compliance reasons in the event of an incident or during an audit.

The product's previous reporting and analytics capabilities were limited, difficult to find, and often accomplished by simply exporting the visitor data to be analyzed in another system. Although that is a crucial requirement, not all companies have external tools and skills to analyze data in that way.

Current Dashboard Screen

Better reporting and analytics is a common feature request from customers; not having this feature results in customer churn. In addition, competitors provide better standard reporting capabilities, contributing to losing new sales opportunities.


The product manager and I analyzed our competitor's products to understand how they shaped their reporting capabilities.

Competitor Reporting and Analytics

Next, the product manager, engineering lead, and I got together to plan the work, including reviewing the high-level requirements, success metrics, target user personas, project constraints and the research and design work we needed to do.

Then we interviewed our target users. I planned, organized and moderated the sessions, and the product manager took notes. I invited the engineering lead and engineering team members to listen in.

We learned that users have limited time because they have many responsibilities that differ daily. For example, they handled everything from compliance and security to health and safety for one or more offices. In addition, their duties include providing reports for oversight on compliance and visibility of systems to other departments and their leadership teams.

As a result, they spend several hours each week on the analysis, depending on their skills. They looked for trends, anomalies, and missing visitor and incident data gaps, using data exported from our product and incident management systems.

Current Dashboard Screen

The insights helped us identify user tasks I documented and which reports to build first. I created low-fidelity wireframes of the reports to help us visualize them.

Task Analysis Diagram


I used the research insights, wireframes and our product information structure to shape an interaction model for reports, which included defining a report structure that the engineering team could quickly build and reuse to speed up development, a filter pattern, usage of charts and graphs including a color system to communicate the data effectively, and allowing users to modify and duplicate reports, which our competitors didn't have.

IA Diagram Interaction Model A Part of the IxD Model for Reporting and Analytics

Next, I built a functional prototype to test the design. I conducted two rounds of testing because, by the second round, I didn't see users making the errors that I fixed from the previous round or new task errors.

Then I finalized the designs and delivered high-fidelity mockups and other documentation, such as the interaction model diagram, to the engineering team. In addition, I documented the filter pattern, charts, and graphs guidelines in our style guide.

Web Application Report Screen Mobile Application Report Screens Mobile Application Report Screens Apple Watch Report Notification


Despite unforeseen challenges, which included the development team having difficulties with our implementation approach and some team members leaving the company, we shipped the feature in the web application in 2022, creating new sales opportunities and preventing six enterprise customers from churning.

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